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Plant nanny difficulty levels

Plant nanny difficulty levels

Devil's Ivy – Level 1
Benjamin Mushroom – Level 2
Cactus – Level 2
Plant Nanny is an adorable app that is designed to remind people to drink more water. It isn't a video game, but it does include gamification (in a similar ...
It is possible for your Plant Nanny plant to die. You get plenty of warning before it happens. If a plant dies, you have to start over with a new one, ...
Devil's Ivy – Level 4
Dandelion – Level 3
The plants will start looking sickly if you don't drink enough water in a certain amount of time. They look absolutely miserable!
My Plant Nanny garden.
In the recent update of Plany Nanny, version 1.3, we create new other 3 fantasic plants: Mushrimp, Benjamin and Chickfern with different difficulty level.
This was the weirdest plant I've had. He is supposed to be more difficult but I didn't notice anything too difficult about raising him.
Benjamin Mushroom – Level 4
image1 image3
plant nanny devils ivy
Look at its little face and little song.
plant nanny
Plant Nanny is available for both iOS and Android ecosystems.
Anyways, I like Plant Nanny because 1) It's free 2) It's cute 3) It encourages you to drink more water and 4) If you already drink plenty of water it ...
iPhone Screenshots
Graphics: Rating-Bar5 Plant Nanny's detailed ...
Here is my first plant named “Babby Plant,” she is a Devil's Ivy and is now living happily in the garden and growing seeds.
When I have a lot of plants, I can take of photo of them, and share them with my friend via facebook or other social networks.
If we forget to feed it water, it will become withered, dying, so it is a really helpful plant to remind us keeping ourself in health.
My Plant Nanny garden. plant2
iPhone Screenshots
Plant Nanny 4+
In order to figure out how much water you need to stay hydrated, the app starts by asking your gender and weight. If your weight changes, you can go into ...
Say hello to my plant! It has absorbed 276 oz of water. Get yourself
iPhone Screenshots
Cost to plant
Plant Nanny²
It is important for you to drink the right amount of water for both healthy skin and healthy body. Plant Nanny is an app that helps you drink water by ...
Image (20)
Actually I just realized that I already talked about Grubbert last time. Oh well, I'm leaving it up here because Pig (and puffins) are awesome.
plant nanny plants plant nanny is a mobile app that reminds you to drink water to
Pigsten was drawn to the color, the smell, or both. To him the flowers were kind of a magical playground.
SB also brought home everyone some flowers. Naturally Pig and Valentino wanted to eat them (remember bears eat flowers!) but we got them to hold off for a ...
So we kind of have a Romeo and Juliet drama playing out here lately, heck they even have the initials right. Oh! Speaking of plants, I discovered a super ...
plant nanny
This app can be purchased in the app store for 99 cents. We both don't normally buy apps but Steph put it this way.. "A chocolate bar is $2... a XL double ...
There are different levels of difficulty so you can play stress-free or challenge yourself with an articulate drawing. 3. Plant Nanny
As for me, I didn't get anything right away, but a couple nights later I got back from one of my late classes and found this waiting for me!
Plant Nanny
In the recent update of Plany Nanny, version 1.3, we create new other 3 fantasic plants: Mushrimp, Benjamin and Chickfern with different difficulty level.
Plants are so adorbs, I literally can't even
plant nanny garden
And after just a few days I had a nice pretty little plant. plant nanny
So the way that it works is that you set up your account and decide how much water you should drink each day. Plant Nanny helps you calculate what is best ...
filling my notebook
plant nanny set up
plant nanny set up 2
Pigsten wasn't quite sure what to make of the cake – at least until he started tunneling inside of it. He likes colors – a lot.
Difficulty Medium Level 3 Man Puzzle
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Plant Nanny determines the amount of water you should drink during the day based on your body information and activity level. There is a nice selection of ...
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